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How to easily make yourself feel good and beat the January blues

January is the perfect time to ease back into a healthy routine and prioritise our wellbeing. In the past, I have found it difficult even knowing where to start with a self-care journey, but I choose to take the pressure off myself by not sticking to really uptight routines, or impossible health expectations and focus on the senses to give me wellbeing, rather than big extravagant gestures. And in all honesty, it’s often all those little things added together, that can make a huge difference to how I feel. So here are a few of my favourites making me feel good right now.


Neom Boost your energy essential oil

Who doesn’t love a beautiful scent? And I really do find that, a bit like music, they can dramatically change my mood for the better. I particularly like Neom’s range as they’re all made from natural essential oils and I’d say the ‘Boost your Energy’ really does what it says on the tin, it’s an instant uplift for the home:) I tend to use the scent within an electric diffuser (you can pick these up really affordably at Amazon or at night I’ll add a couple of drops of their ‘Sleep’ scent to my pillow for a peaceful nights rest.

Neom sleep essential oil


Now having the perfect pyjamas are a must have for ‘home time’ wellbeing in my book! And one of my favourite brands for pjs has to be by Bonsoir of London. I must admit I’m new to the brand, but after receiving a pair of their cotton sateen pyjamas from my husband at Christmas, and being a somewhat connoisseur when it comes to sleepwear (if I do say so myself) the quality of these is amazing! I always size up in pyjamas to make sure they’re super comfortable in bed so i went for these in a medium and there’s currently a sale on too if you fancy spoiling yourself to a pair.

Women's classic cotton sateen pyjamas Bonsoir London

As someone who has a job that requires frequent outfit changes, I always find myself looking forward to slipping into something comfortable at the end of the day. For Christmas I bought my two oldest boy’s matching ‘duvet style’ dressing gowns. It was one of those situations where they arrived, and I knew instantly I had to buy another one for myself! Annoyingly I purchased it just before it went into sale but it was still totally worth the money:) And thinking of my all round wellbeing I’ve developed a little ‘ritual’ of the second I finish work, taking off all my makeup, getting into my pj’s and finishing with that big, super cosy dressing gown before I snuggle up on the sofa. I try to force myself not to do anymore work once the pj’s are on and I think the association with relaxation time and those items, has sunk in pretty well!

The white company robe dressing gown


For those looking for a blast from the past, full to the brim of glitz and glamour, I cannot recommend enough the Studio 54 book by Ian Schrager enough. Featuring the iconic imagery from the infamous Studio 54 in New York City, not only is it lovely to have a browse through all the fashion, but it looks pretty chic on your coffee table too:) And a great pressie idea for fellow fashionista’s!

Studio 54 book

For a wellbeing pamper evening I’m currently reaching for the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. It feels silky when you first put it on, then rich and incredibly moisturising but once it’s settled it’s thankfully not greasy at all. I struggle with dry skin, eczema actually that’s particularly bad in Winter because of the central heating:/ But I think it’s fair to say this cream has become a bit of a lifesaver. And while it does feel luxurious and pretty decadent and retails at £67, in my humble opinion you really do get what you pay for.

And thinking of skincare that makes me feel good, if I had to only pick one exfoliator for the rest of my life, it would have to be by Paula’s Choice. I have to wear more makeup on normal on screen otherwise it makes you look too washed out so this little beauty gives my pores that deep clean I really need after a long day at work. I have also definitely seen a reduction in outbreaks since I started using it, plus It’s one of the more gentle exfoliators that I have found on the market. 

Paula's choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

For the ultimate wellbeing pamper night off this would have to include a lovely chocolate or two:) Completing that little ritual of cleansing my skin, getting cosied up in my PJ’s and either settling down with a good box of chocolates or a whole mug of it! Now I must admit I have a terrible sweet tooth, but I read somewhere that chocolate (in small doses) is actually good for you, so I’m rolling with that;) I love Quality Streets at Christmas (the orange and the strawberry) classic Cadbury’s milk chocolate for an everyday pick me up or when I’m feeling fancy or need a lovely pressie, Hotel Chocolat are amazing.

Hotel chocolat chocoilates

And although I do love to make a hot chocolat in our velvetiser, I actually use it daily to make the perfect latte. It’s saved us a fortune instead of popping to Costa!

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

I do love searching (and finding) the perfect loungewear. So when Varley first launched in the UK it was love at first sight! I particularly like their ‘Doublesoft’ collection because as the name would suggest, the items really do feel double the softness. I have this set in grey which is super comfy to chill at home in but also looks chic and stylish to head out the door. I love it when you find loungewear like that, they’re actually too nice to just be kept indoors!

Varley Hawley half zip loungewear top

When it comes to their joggers I’ve tried both lengths and I would advise, unless you’re particularly petite, go for the 27.5 length. They seem to sit so much nicer with my trainers for everyday looks.

Varley doublesoft jogging bottoms

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